Dutch border open for tourism as of 15 June

Starting from Monday, 15 June, residents of the EU will once again be able to go on holiday in other countries within the EU/Schengen area, including the Netherlands. The travel advisory for countries in these areas will be changed from ‘code orange’ (only necessary travel) to ‘code yellow’ (be alert, safety risks).
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115 hectares of new fishing waters

In May, 23 fishing waters were added to the VISpas by means of the digital supplement. In net terms, this means an extra 115 hectares of fishing waters are now available to all VISpas holders. The majority of these new fishing waters are located in the municipality of Steenwijkerland, but there are also some new waters available in Schagen and Hollands Kroon. All of the updates have already been incorporated in the VISplanner.
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Updated 'frequently asked questions'

‘Can I use the VISpas to fish anywhere? And ‘Can I fish anywhere in the Netherlands at night or with three rods?’ are just a couple of the questions that are often asked. Answers to these questions and others are now easy to access in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module at
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NachtVIStoestemming and Derde Hengeltoestemming: what you need to know

In many of the Netherlands’ fishing waters, you can fish at night all year long, but you must have a NachtVIStoestemming in addition to your VISpas. If you wish to fish using three rods in the Netherlands, then you also need a Derde Hengeltoestemming (Third Rod Permit).
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Top-20 fishing destinations in the Netherlands

The tiny country of the Netherlands offers so many fishing waters that the choice can be overwhelming for many visiting anglers. Where should you begin? Fortunately, the fishing is good just about anywhere you go. In order to help you on your way, has drawn up a list of the 20 most interesting sport fishing waters in the Netherlands.
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New Dutch perch record: 56 cm!

The passionate German perch angler Thomas Gronenwald knows better than anyone how exceptionally well perch have thrived in the Netherlands over the past few years. There’s a reason he makes the journey to fish in our country, after all. And now, with the catch of a perch measuring no less than 56 cm, he recently set the new BNRZ perch record!
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Closed season: what’s the deal? (video)

When fishing in the Netherlands you have to take into account a number of closed seasons. For example, there is the closed season for certain types of bait and the closed season for certain fish species. Especially for pike, zander and perch this sometimes gives rise to confusion. In this video we will explain the deal on the different closed seasons.
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Seabass: increased fishing opportunities for anglers

From March through November 2020 anglers are permitted to retain two seabass per day; one fish extra compared with 2019 and the open season has also been extended by two months
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VISplanner app now also available in English

The VISplanner app is available in three languages as from today. As well as the Dutch version, the free tool that enables you to check whether your VISpas permits you to fish in certain waters can now also be accessed in English and German.
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New Dutch record pike

Recently the old BNRZ-record for pike – a 134 centimetre long fish, caught by Nico Molkens in March 2017 – was smashed and improved by a whopping 4 centimetres. So now the official Dutch record pike measures 138 centimetres.
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