Italian YouTube crew fishing for XL-perch in holland

The Netherlands are a fantastic place to fish for perch, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed in Italy either. After seeing record size perch being caught in the Dutch rivers and the adjacent lakes, Paolo, Luca and Francesco form the Italian ‘Fisheye Club’ YouTube channel decided to visit the lowlands earlier this year in March.
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Blinker staff visits the Netherlands

During the opening days of the predator season Blinker editors Florian Pippardt and Johannes Radtke went fishing on the river Eem near Amersfoort. They teamed up with Fishing in Holland team member Pieter Beelen and rented bikes to get around – no high-tech fishing boat or car this time!
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Caza Y Pesca (video)

In December 2018 Ignacio Rojo travelled to the Netherlands for a fishing trip. The presenter of the Spanish hunting and fishing programme ‘Caza Y Pesca’ and his film crew wanted to capture the Dutch predator fishing in winter.
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Lurefishing in the Netherlands: the season is almost open!

On the last Saturday in May - which falls on the 25th this year - anglers will once again be able to fish using all types of lures and dead bait in Dutch inland waters. Late May and early July is a great time to fish for zander, but also for asp.
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2019 sea bass season opens

This year’s sea bass season is about to open. To add to the good news, from 1 April to 31 October sport anglers will be allowed to keep one legal size bass per fishing day for their own consumption. The minimum size for sea bass is 42 cm.
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3,000 ha new water in the VISpas

In 2018, the volume of water open to fishing with the VISpas increased by more than 3,000 hectares. All of these new fishing waters are included in the Combined list of fishing waters in the Netherlands 2019-2020-2021 (Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse viswateren), as well as the VISplanner.
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New video: pike fishing with a fishing guide!

In the latest video on the international YouTube angling channel Kanalgratis, host Tobias Ekvall goes pike fishing in THE pike paradise of the Netherlands, together with a professional fishing guide. In this episode, the men go fishing in the scenic bog region of the Weerribben, at the border between the provinces of Friesland, Overijssel and Drenthe. This quiet peat bog is full of pike.
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Come and stalk carp in the Netherlands!

Are you a carp angler? Then you can indulge yourself in the Netherlands with all its ditches, polders, urban waters and ponds. In every water you’ll find carp, and by stalking them you are bound to spot the fish easily. Spring is the perfect season for mobile carp fishing.
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Come over and catch a Dutch pike!

Are you a pike angler or do you fancy to catch this cool predator? Then plan a fishing holiday to Holland. Pike fishing can be done everywhere in this country abounded in water, using all kinds of different fishing techniques. Moreover March is a very good month for pike fishing.
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Closed season: what’s the deal? (video)

When fishing in the Netherlands you have to take into account a number of closed seasons. For example, there is the closed season for certain types of bait and the closed season for certain fish species. Especially for pike, zander and perch this sometimes gives rise to confusion. In this video we will explain the deal on the different closed seasons.
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