Check the Dutch Fish-calendar

In our fishing calendar you can see exactly when it's the best period to catch specific species in The Netherlands. It also shows you exactly when there's a closed season (R).
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Where am I allowed to fish? Check VISplanner! (video)

The VISplanner was specially developed for you, the angler, so that you can find out in an instant where you’re allowed to angle with your VISpas. The VISplanner is freely available as an app for iOS and Android and as a website and a mobile site.
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Nightfishing and third rod

In the Netherlands you’re allowed to engage in night fishing all year through. You do however – in addition to your VISpas – need a Night Fishing Permit. If you want to angle with three rods, you need a Third Rod Permit.
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Closed seasons: this is how it works!

The closed seasons for specific types of bait and fish are a source of confusion for anglers every year. Especially because the closed season for pike starts earlier than that for fishing with artificial bait, a piece of fish or a dead fish.
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Changes in regulations on seabass

As of 1 January 2017, the Council of European fisheries ministers amended the regulations with regard to seabass.
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Watch out for ticks! (video)

A growing percentage of ticks in the Netherlands is infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Anglers scouring the water’s edge are at a significant risk of a tick bite, so make sure to take precautions.
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New waters included in the VISpas

One of the most common requests from anglers is that they want to be able to fish in as many waters as possible while using only one single VISpas. In 2017 we will regularly add new waters to the Joint list of Dutch fishing waters. Sometimes these will be waters that previously were only open for fishing to a single angling association. In other cases, it’s about a body of water that is completely new to angling. As of currently these waters have been added to the VISplanner.
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Trout released in the Lauwersmeer (video)

Last week 650 kg of (sea) trout was released in several places around the Lauwersmeer. These releases were part of the project ‘Vissen voor verbinding’ (‘fishing for connection’): in order to make the original system of creeks running from the head reach in Drenthe (Peizerdiep) to the Lauwersmeer work as one ecological whole again.
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Sharkfishing in The Netherlands? That's possible!

Denk je aan Nederland, dan denk je waarschijnlijk niet meteen aan haaien. Onterecht, want de haaienpopulatie langs de Nederlandse kust is aan een sterke opmars bezig! Zo worden er de laatste jaren door diverse charterboten in Zeeland al speciale, zeer succesvolle haaientrips georganiseerd. Daarbij wordt doorgaans kort onder de kust en zelfs op de Oosterschelde gevist op gladde haaien – een relatief onschuldige maar zeer fraaie haaiensoort die tot ruim over de meter lang wordt.
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