Dutch sea angling records

For almost 50 years now the Dutch Record Commission for Sea Angling (NCRZ) has been registering the salt record fish in the Netherlands. Next to that the NCRZ also registers the records for fish species in all oceans worldwide caught by a Dutchman. To be able to guarantee the continuation of the NCRZ record list, this will now happen under the flag of Sportvisserij Nederland. From this year on they will examine all the record claims to check their validity.
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Extension of sea bass 2019

Anglers are allowed to bag one sea bass for their own consumption in 2019 from 1 April first to 31 October. Sport Fishing Netherlands and the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) have successfully battled for this improvement in The Hague and Brussels compared to the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.
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VISpas 2019 now available to order

De VISpas 2019 is out now! If you pay before 5 December, you will receive your VISpas 2019 before 1 January. If you have given a payment authorisation, you will receive your new VISpas in mid-December. The VISpas 2019 and the NachtVIS- en Derde Hengeltoestemming can now be ordered online too, at They can also be purchased at local angling stores.
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Nightfishing and third rod

In the Netherlands you’re allowed to engage in night fishing all year through. You do however – in addition to your VISpas – need a Night Fishing Permit. If you want to angle with three rods, you need a Third Rod Permit.
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Dutch asp record smashed again

The last few years Holland is more and more getting the status of a ‘small country with big fish’. That’s no surprise as the official BNRZ-record for asp is smashed for the second time this year.
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Beach fishing in winter

In autumn the summer fish migrate to warmer waters and the winter fish move in. Just behind the surf of the beach and from the breakers and piers you will find plenty of dab and whiting. Fishing for them is easy with a three-hook paternoster baited with ragworm or lugworm. Success is guaranteed.
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Lead-free alternatives: inspiration and tips

As a result of European regulations, lead is well on its way to being banned from sport fishing. Alternatives are therefore also desperately needed. Sportvisserij Nederland has an overview of the already available alternatives on its website.
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New video: pike fishing in the Netherlands

The latest video of the international YouTube-angling channel Kanalgratis is all about pike fishing in the Netherlands – pike paradise! This cool video – with loads of fish and stunning landscapes – is ‘a must see’ for all predator anglers.
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Fishing in Holland map: Maasplassen Roermond

Not many places along the Dutch border provide so many sports fishing opportunities as the Maasplassen, situated next to Roermond. Here you’ll find lots of different species, from hungry predatory fish like perch, pike, zander and catfish to specimen bream and roach.
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The Dutch fishing calendar

Would you like to know which period is the best to target the most popular Dutch fish species? Check the fishing calendar!
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