2024 fine amounts

Prosecution Service has announced the fine amounts for 2024. The amounts relating to inland fishing, which includes anglers, are almost the same as last year. However, the penalty fees are not cheap, so make sure you avoid a fine when you’re fishing.
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VISpas Hotspots: Tjonger (Friesland)

The Tjonger is a river in the south of Friesland that flows more than 40 kilometres from high, forested ground to lower moorland areas. There are quite a few easily accessible spots along the banks of this stretch of river. In addition to enjoying a varied landscape, restful surroundings and space, anglers of coarse fish, predatory fish and carp will have the chance of a good catch.
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VISpas Hotspots: Lateraalkanaal (Limburg)

The Lateraalkanaal Linne-Buggenum runs more than eight kilometres from Buggenum to Linne, a little below Roermond. Thanks to its excellent accessibility, this canal is extremely popular among coarse fish anglers, and is also of significant interest to predatory fish and carp anglers.
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VISpas Hotspots: De (Utrechtse) Vecht

The Vecht starts at the Weerdsluis in inner city Utrecht and wends its way northwards towards Muiden. Upon reaching this fortified town, the river, which is more than 40 kilometres in length, flows into the IJmeer. This river offers plenty of variety for anglers looking for predatory fish, coarse fish and carp.
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VISpas Hotspots: Zwarte Water (Overijssel)

The Zwarte Water runs from the canals of Zwolle city centre to the Zwarte Meer, which is connected directly to the IJsselmeer. The 20-kilometre-long river offers anglers a wide variety of predatory fish, carp and coarse fish.
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Fishing in Holland-map: Accommodations and fishing guides

If you’re planning on angling in the Netherlands, then you probably want to stay as close to the water as possible so you don’t have to travel too far to your fishing spot. In addition, a fishing guide can help you catch the necessary beautiful fish in a limited time. The Fishing in Holland map gives you a handy overview.
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Closed season: what’s the deal? (video)

When fishing in the Netherlands you have to take into account a number of closed seasons. For example, there is the closed season for certain types of bait and the closed season for certain fish species. Especially for pike, zander and perch this sometimes gives rise to confusion. In this video we will explain the deal on the different closed seasons.
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VISpas 2024: now available to order online!

The VISpas 2024 and the NachtVIS- en Derde Hengeltoestemming can now be ordered online at The VISpas will also be available for purchase at local angling stores starting in mid-December.
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