Winter: high season for pike fishing

The Netherlands has some wonderful pike waters. In winter, the aquatic plants begin to die off, making the waters ideal for fishing for predator fish. Wander through the polders or cast a line from a boat through the waterways, canals or rivers - it’s up to you. Pike are also in excellent condition this time of year.
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New water in the VISpas

Each year, Sportvisserij Nederland works to add more fishing waters to the VISpas. In 2019, almost 1,000 hectares of new water were opened to fishing with the VISpas, so your VISpas is worth even more every year. All of these new fishing waters are listed in the VISplanner.
More information manage your details online is an online service environment by Sportvisserij Nederland, in which you as a VISpas holder – even a German VISpas holder – can easily manage your personal information! Depending on your PC settings, a German language version can be generated automatically or manually via Google Translate. Register today and benefit from even faster and better service.
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Here it is: the VISpas 2020

The design for the new VISpas 2020 is now complete. From almost 1,500 submissions of the best fishing photos for the VISpas 2020, we have chosen five finalists. We’ll tell the stories behind the five winning photos below. The German members can expect to receive their VISpas 2020 by post in December. New members can also order the VISpas 2020 via starting from 1 December.
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Kanalgratis goes zander fishing in Holland (video)

In the newest Kanalgratis video Tobias Ekvall teams up with Fishing in Holland team member Pieter Beelen to go fishing for zander in the Netherlands. They fish in the river Eem near Amersfoort – a real hotspot for zander!
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September: peak month for the sea angler

September might announce the end of the summer, but ‘summer guests’ as mullet, mackerel, sole, needlefish and sea bass are still to be caught in the upcoming weeks. The seawater temperature only starts to decrease from October, which will announce a gradual shift towards winter species as dab and whiting – sea bass can be caught during the whole month of October.
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Italian YouTube crew fishing for XL-perch in holland

The Netherlands are a fantastic place to fish for perch, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed in Italy either. After seeing record size perch being caught in the Dutch rivers and the adjacent lakes, Paolo, Luca and Francesco form the Italian ‘Fisheye Club’ YouTube channel decided to visit the lowlands earlier this year in March.
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Blinker staff visits the Netherlands

During the opening days of the predator season Blinker editors Florian Pippardt and Johannes Radtke went fishing on the river Eem near Amersfoort. They teamed up with Fishing in Holland team member Pieter Beelen and rented bikes to get around – no high-tech fishing boat or car this time!
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Caza Y Pesca (video)

In December 2018 Ignacio Rojo travelled to the Netherlands for a fishing trip. The presenter of the Spanish hunting and fishing programme ‘Caza Y Pesca’ and his film crew wanted to capture the Dutch predator fishing in winter.
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Lurefishing in the Netherlands: the season is almost open!

On the last Saturday in May - which falls on the 25th this year - anglers will once again be able to fish using all types of lures and dead bait in Dutch inland waters. Late May and early July is a great time to fish for zander, but also for asp.
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