Sea fishing in Holland

With its 523 km of coastline, the Netherlands has a lot to offer the sea fisher. Depending on the time of year there are all kinds of fish to be caught along the entire Dutch coastline, such as various kinds of flatfish, young cod, whiting, pouting, seabass, mackerel, horse mackerel, garfish, twaite shad and mullet. 

Garfish are real fighters

The real hotspots are the piers of Ijmuiden and Scheveningen, the Rotterdam port area and the Zeeland Delta. Although you won’t go home empty handed at pretty much any other place. 

Beaches offer real good fishing opportunities

Wadden islands

Then there’s also the unique Wadden islands with their serene tranquillity, where it’s good fishing for seabass – especially in late summer. There are minimum size requirements for the various species of fish that apply in the coastal waters. Also be sure to check the tide table before you go fishing and mind your own safety!

Flatfish on a sand bottom

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