Carp in Holland

The Netherlands is a great country for carp fishers! Both our larger and smaller waters have varied carp stocks: from small to large specimens, the common carp the mirror carp and others, from slender to potbelly specimens. 

Big mirror carp caught in a Dutch polder

Carp stocks

Thanks to largescale projects aimed at the release of carp in the wild, there are healthy carp stocks in the rivers and the larger lakes. At these spots it is possible to catch beautiful wild carps in a great natural setting with outliers of over 40 pounds. At many of these spots fishing with 3 rods is also allowed, just like the use of a fishing tent, you do however need additional permits for this. Visit to see which spots these are. Would you rather hunt carp while stalking around the waterside – with your float rod, or at the water surface – then the Netherlands has countless canals and ditches in both the cities and polders, in which the carp usually quickly gives himself away in the shallow waters. 

Surface fishing for carp

Catch & release

In the Dutch polders too you can stumble into true surprises. In the Netherlands the carp is a true ‘catch & release fish’: we release carps after catching them, so that they can reach impressive sizes and ages. There are even companies renting out fully equipped or luxurious cabin boats and floating cabins at some of the famous Dutch carp waters – such as the Vinkeveense Plassen and the Hollands Diep. An extra dimension to your already thrilling, still relaxing, fishing trip!

Carp caught using a float

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