Fishing in Holland

The Netherlands is the ideal holiday spot for anglers! Let yourself be surprised by the great fishing adventures you can have here!

A large part of the Netherlands is situated below sea level, making it one of the most watery countries in the world. From mighty rivers and the river delta to vast areas of wetland. From the characteristic polders to the canals of Amsterdam; the Netherlands has it all, and all these waters are great for angling. Go on big fishing adventures with monstrous pikes, huge perch, beautiful carps and strong sea bass. Or take it easy, angling for bream, tench or the common roach from your lazy chair.

Would you rather go catch some marine fish? That’s also possible in the Netherlands. There are plenty of hotspots along our 523 kilometres long coastline. Beaches, ports, piers, the famous Zeeland Delta and the Wadden Islands. All these spots offer an opportunity to catch a wide variety of tasty marine fish.

In the Netherlands we like to make you, the angler, comfortable and we like to keep things as affordable as possible. Here it is possible to catch fish all year through in lots of waters throughout the whole country with only one document – the VISpas – for about just 40 euros per calendar year! The Netherlands is the angling country par excellence, it’s only a few hours from belgium, Germany, Great Britain or France, see you soon!

Going fishing? Bring your VISpas!

The VISpas allows you to fish in all waters stated in the accompanying booklet entitled Lists of Fishing Waters (Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse Viswateren). That's more than 90% of the surfacewater in Holland.

The average amount you pay for a VISpas is around 40 euros. When you become a member of a fishing club, you receive the VISpas automatically. Every VISpas is valid until December 31st.

Order your VISpas easy online at After payment by VISA or Mastercard you'll receive an automatic e-mail with a temporary permit that allows you to go fishing immediately.

Video: XL perch in the Netherlands!

In November, Timo Keibel and Elmar Elfers, from German angling magazine ‘Rute & Rolle’, travelled to the Netherlands for Anglerboard TV to report on fishing for large perch. The video of this fantastic fishing adventure – during which the pair spent the night on the water in a ‘log cabin boat’ – is now online on YouTube. This is definitely one to watch, because under the supervision of the Fishing in Holland team, they managed to land some excellent perch.

Need a fishing guide? Check out the Fishing in Holland map!

The interactive map is an extremely useful feature of the Fishing in Holland platform. The map includes details of 27 professional fishing guides, spread all across the Netherlands. If you don’t have time to do your research, then hiring a fishing guide is the ideal solution.

Viewing tip: YPC in the Netherlands (video)

It is no great surprise that the Netherlands has been chosen as the stage for the YouTube Predator Cup (YPC) Bank. After all, it’s only here that you have a chance to land really large specimens of the three target species: pike, pikeperch and perch. Follow the participants from various countries in the exciting battle for the YPC Bank trophy. The episodes guarantee hours of viewing enjoyment.

VISpas 2023: now available to order online!

The VISpas 2023 and the NachtVIS- en Derde Hengeltoestemming can now be ordered online at They will also be available for purchase at local angling stores starting in mid-December.

Cormorants and Hydropower on the agenda at the EAA meeting in Hamburg

This year’s annual general meeting of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) was held in Hamburg from 22 to 24 September. Alongside the numerous talks from experts, a number of important decisions were taken about future priorities for the EAA in Europe. Many of the subjects have a direct link to current regulations concerning angling in Europe.

VISpas Hotspots: De Dintel (Noord-Brabant)

The Dintel was once an estuary where the tide reached deep into the surrounding countryside. But today it’s a relatively calm and narrow river. Almost the entire length of the river is listed in the VISplanner.

VISpas hotspots: Hoge vaart (Flevoland)

The 62-kilometre long Hoge Vaart runs from the Ketelmeer in the east all the way to the Markermeer near Almere in the west. The water is relatively unknown in the rest of the country

Online map: angling accommodations in the Netherlands

If you’re planning on angling in the Netherlands, then you probably want to stay as close to the water as possible so you don’t have to travel too far to your fishing spot. To help you find the perfect accommodations for your fishing trip, we’ve provided an overview of the best angling accommodations in the Netherlands via the interactive map at

Fishingdestinations, -spots and -facilities map

With our Google Map below you find an overview of fishing destinations, - spots, -guides, - accommodations, - ponds and charterboats. These 'points of interest' can be filterd by fishspecies and -methods. You can also go to their website or Facebook fanpage or search by residence.

-> Check the Fishging in Holland Map

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