Fishing in Holland

The Netherlands is the ideal holiday spot for anglers! Let yourself be surprised by the great fishing adventures you can have here!

A large part of the Netherlands is situated below sea level, making it one of the most watery countries in the world. From mighty rivers and the river delta to vast areas of wetland. From the characteristic polders to the canals of Amsterdam; the Netherlands has it all, and all these waters are great for angling. Go on big fishing adventures with monstrous pikes, huge perch, beautiful carps and strong sea bass. Or take it easy, angling for bream, tench or the common roach from your lazy chair.

Would you rather go catch some marine fish? That’s also possible in the Netherlands. There are plenty of hotspots along our 523 kilometres long coastline. Beaches, ports, piers, the famous Zeeland Delta and the Wadden Islands. All these spots offer an opportunity to catch a wide variety of tasty marine fish.

In the Netherlands we like to make you, the angler, comfortable and we like to keep things as affordable as possible. Here it is possible to catch fish all year through in lots of waters throughout the whole country with only one document – the VISpas – for about just 40 euros per calendar year! The Netherlands is the angling country par excellence, it’s only a few hours from belgium, Germany, Great Britain or France, see you soon!

Going fishing? Bring your VISpas!

The VISpas allows you to fish in all waters stated in the accompanying booklet entitled Lists of Fishing Waters (Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse Viswateren). That's more than 90% of the surfacewater in Holland.

The average amount you pay for a VISpas is around 40 euros. When you become a member of a fishing club, you receive the VISpas automatically. Every VISpas is valid until December 31st.

Order your VISpas easy online at After payment by VISA or Mastercard you'll receive an automatic e-mail with a temporary permit that allows you to go fishing immediately.

Record grass carp: 114 cm!

Jorrit van der Linden holds the new Dutch record for grass carp. While out fishing with his cousin Harm Roording one weekend in September, he caught one measuring no less than 114 centimetres! His catch beat Daan Selbach’s 2017 BNRZ record of 112 cm.

Marker Wadden Update

The first five islands of the Marker Wadden project – an initiative by Natuurmonumenten (Dutch Society for Nature Conservation) with support from organisations such as Sportvisserij Nederland (Dutch Angling Association) – are now complete. Another two islands will be added between now and 2023. But already, 22 species of fish have been observed in the area, and fishing is allowed in part of the project.

New wels catfish record: 237 cm! (video)

The record for Dutch wels catfish that René Gouka set in late June didn’t stand for long. Tobias Stuurman recently beat it by no less than 10 centimetres, putting the new BNRZ record at 237 cm.

Coronavirus and fishing in the Netherlands

The situation related to the coronavirus can change at any time. In the event of a new outbreak, the Netherlands may take strict control measures, such as closing off areas of the country or even closing the national borders to travellers. International anglers travelling to the Netherlands should therefore understand that it is their responsibility to decide if they wish to accept that risk.

Sea bass measures for second half of 2021

The negotiations between Europe and the United Kingdom on fishing rights following Brexit finally reached a conclusion in June. As expected, a bag limit of two fish (minimum size: 42cm) will apply to sea bass fishing until November this year.

Hotspots - Linge (Gelderland)

You might not think so at first glance, but the Linge with its abundant fish population is largely an artificial river. The waters originate at a sluis in the Pannerdens Canal and flow directly through the Betuwe, coming out after 100 kilometres in the Boven-Merwede at Gorinchem.

Hotspots - Schipbeek (Overijssel)

From its source in Auhaus, Germany, the Schipbeek (or ‘Buurserbeek’, as it is called upstream from Diepenheim) runs across the province of Overijssel to empty into the IJssel near the A1 motorway in Deventer.

Vang5: anglers take on littering

Littering is a problem that infuriates many anglers. Fortunately, people are starting to work out ways to deal with the problem. With the Vang5 campaign – an initiative by Sportvisserij Nederland, with support from Nederland Schoon – organised angling aims to take on the problem of littering nation-wide. The campaign week starts on Saturday, 24 April, while Vang5 will continue through the end of the year.

Updated 'frequently asked questions'

‘Can I use the VISpas to fish anywhere? And ‘Can I fish anywhere in the Netherlands at night or with three rods?’ are just a couple of the questions that are often asked. Answers to these questions and others are now easy to access in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ module at

VISplanner app now also available in English

The VISplanner app is available in three languages as from today. As well as the Dutch version, the free tool that enables you to check whether your VISpas permits you to fish in certain waters can now also be accessed in English and German.

Fishingdestinations, -spots and -facilities map

With our Google Map below you find an overview of fishing destinations, - spots, -guides, - accommodations, - ponds and charterboats. These 'points of interest' can be filterd by fishspecies and -methods. You can also go to their website or Facebook fanpage or search by residence.

-> Check the Fishging in Holland Map

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