Fishing in the Lauwersmeer

If you want to catch record-size pikes and zanders, the Lauwersmeer is the place to be. This national park in the utter northern part of the Netherlands – right at the border between the provinces of Friesland and Groningen – was formed in 1969, when the Dutch closed a dike between what was then called the Lauwers Sea and the Wadden sea. A fish stock then developed of fresh water fish that is virtually unrivalled.

Fishing along the Lauwersmeer

The good thing is: your VISpas gives you access to this unique patch of roughly 2,000 hectares of water. It is possible to fish from the shoreline, but you may also consider hiring a fishing guide in these vast waters. This guide will be happy to take you to the absolute hotspots for catching pikes easily measuring a metre and zanders of about a metre long!

Big ide and bream from the Lauwersmeer

Sea trout project

Lauwersmeer is also a great spot for catching coarse fish/silverfish (roach, ide and bream) and carp: there are vast populations of carps, bream, common roach and ides. Not to mention the unique sea trout project in the Lauwersmeer. By annually releasing thousands of sea trout as well as restoring of spawning grounds in the upper parts of the river, a coalition of nature and angling organisations is attempting to successfully reintroduce the sea trout here. It is self-evident that this poses a unique opportunity for those fishing with lure or fly!

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