Fishing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: capital of the Netherlands, world-famous for its canal district and many other sights, but above all it’s a great fishing spot! The Amsterdam waters are home to all kinds of fish. For instance, the IJ and the North Sea Canal (right behind the central station) are known as the best fishing spots when it comes to predatory fish in the Netherlands. Here, every angler can catch zander and perch to their heart’s desire, and the same is true for the myriad canals in the city centre, which are connected to these large waterways.

Bream fishing in the middle of Amsterdam

These canals are also swarming with bream and beautiful large specimens of roach, as well as pikes. If you’re planning a weekend trip to Amsterdam, you best bring your tackle. It’s good fishing from the quayside.

Streefishing in Amsterdam

Professional guides

Moreover there are various professional angling guides who operate a boat on the IJ and the neighbouring North Sea Canal. Days of catching several dozens of zanders per angler are rather regular here, and you can just board the ship in the city centre. An additional benefit is the fact that almost all waters in Amsterdam are open for fishing as long as you carry your VISpas. Angling in Amsterdam is an unforgettable experience!

Bream caught in Amsterdam
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