Charter ships in Holland

Of course it’s a lot of fun to take to the sea for a day on a sport fishing boat. Here we give you an overview of dozens of charter ships active along our shoreline: from small boats (10 to 20 passengers) to large cotters for sport fishers (some 30 to 40 passengers).

Fishing from a charter boat on a cold winter day

A day out on the sea

You’ll have plenty of choice, but the choice depends on the time of year. For instance, the mackerel and seabass trips, and the anchor fishing for sole and smoothhounds are typical summer activities. During the colder months wreck fishing for cod and anchor fishing for flatfish and whiting is most popular.

Smoothhound sharks are very popular to target from charter boats

Whatever you choose to do on a fishing trip, you’re almost guaranteed of going home from a great day out at full sea with a nice meal of freshly caught sea fish. Are you susceptible to seasickness? No problem! On the ‘calm’ fishing waters of the Zeeland Delta (Westerschelde, Oosterschelde, Grevelingen) nobody will get seasick and there are charter boats offering their services there too!
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