Night fishing/third rod

In the Netherlands you’re allowed to engage in night fishing all year through. You do however – in addition to your VISpas – need a Night Fishing Permit. If you want to angle with three rods, you need a Third Rod Permit. Both can be ordered here, as well as at the federations and the KSN.

Night fishing with three rods

Hologram sticker

Both the Night Fishing Permit and the Third Rod Permit consist of a hologram sticker that you stick to the back of the VISpas. If you want to have both permits there is the combi hologram sticker. The Night Fishing and Third Rod Permit are valid all year through and strictly personal. You only need to buy the permit(s) once if you have more than one personal VISpas. The Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse Viswateren (Joint List of Dutch Fishing Waters) shows through symbols where both of these permits are valid. 

Night fishing and third rod fishing stickers on the back of a VISpas

The Night Fishing Permit costs € 10 and the Third Rod Permit costs € 25. After payment with iDeal, VISA, MasterCard or PayPal you will receive an email with a temporary Night Fishing Permit and/or Third Rod Permit so you can immediately enjoy these new fishing opportunities! You will be sent the hologram sticker within three weeks.

Note: you need to already own the VISpas.
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