Coarse fish (silver fish) in Holland

‘Coarse fish or silver fish’ includes species like small carp, roach, ide, rudd, tench, bream and silver bream. The Netherlands is perfect for coarse fishing, because of the excellent water quality in the Netherlands and the diversity in types of fishing water. Bream, roach and rudd are the most numerous species, but also the silver bream, the tench and the ide are swimming around pretty much everywhere. 

Bream caught in the middle of Amsterdam

Coarse fish (silver fish) in the Netherlands are also still growing in size. For instance, record breams of over 5 kg in weight and tench of over 60 cm long are no longer unique in the Netherlands. Not to mention common rudd of over 40 cm! 

Huge rudd

Depending on the kind of water you’re fishing in there are numerous witvis fishing techniques you may try: a fixed rod, a feeder rod, a method feeder, a match rod, etc. 

Roach is easy recognisable by its red eye

Good opportunities

Furthermore in most cases you can park your car right next to the canal, so that you’ll never have to lug your tackle far. Of course it’s even easier if you book a stay at a camping site or a bungalow park at the water’s edge. Bonus tip: the canals and harbours of large cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht also swarm with coarse fish (silver fish). The biggest secrets of the Dutch canals!

A bream is being landed

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