Sole in Holland

Sole is one of the tastiest kind of fish there are, and the good news is that in the summer, you can catch as many as you want along the Dutch coastline. 

Underwater picture of a sole

Fishing by night

There are spots that also guarantee a good catch in the daytime (The North Sea canal near Amsterdam, and even right in the centre of Rotterdam, in the Waalhaven!), but usually fishing for sole is a dark affair. It’s utterly relaxing just staring at the lighted tip of your rod from the shore on a nice summer’s evening or in the middle of the night. The Zeeland beaches are also known for being excellent sole fishing spots (for instance near Westkapelle, Zoutelande and Domburg), but there are many other great sole fishing spots along the Dutch coastline. 

Sole fishing in Rotterdam

What’s more: you don’t necessarily need heavy surf rods to catch this tasty flatfish (in the Netherlands there is a minimum size requirement of 24 cm). Roughly from May through October, a sturdy feeder rod will also suffice. Would you rather venture out onto the open sea, then that’s also possible. There are several special charter ships in Zeeland that set sail for special sole fishing tours in the summer. Everyone getting aboard one of these ships can count on taking home a nice meal of sole!

Sole caught in Rotterdam

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