Fishing in Friesland

Friesland is the ideal province to enjoy the quietness of an outstretched landscape. Frisia is one of the most beautiful sport fishing provinces of the Netherlands. This beautiful, watery area offers plenty of possibilities, opportunities and beautiful fishing spots. It is estimated that about 100,000 people from abroad annually visit Frisia to do some angling. Frisia has many lakes and canals that are perfect for fishing. Angling is allowed only in navigable waters and of course you have to have a VISpas.

Aerial picture of a Frysian polder

Angler's heaven

It is self-evident that Frisia cares about its nature. With over 16,000 acres of fishing water, Frisia is the angler’s heaven. Frisia is dotted with polder waters full of pike, tench and rudd, which guarantees a great experience whatever tackle you’re using. The Frisian lakes can be quite busy when the weather’s nice, but there it’s never hard to find a good fishing spot. Especially early in the morning or in the evening fishing in Frisia is a true treat.

Polder pike

The fishing spots in Frisia are particularly great for fishing bream, silver bream and roach. These species can be caught using a fixed rod, a winkle picker or a match rod. If you’re fishing for predatory fish, you may try fishing from the shore or from a small boat and you’ve got a good chance of catching big zanders. In short, Frisia is a real hotspot when it comes to sport fishing, and any angler will be able to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content.

Typical polder
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