Fishing the Randmeren 

In the heart of the Netherlands there are the so-called Randmeren: a number of vast shallow lakes, remnants of the reclamation of the Flevopolder. In earlier times they used to be part of the Zuiderzee (which would become the Ijsselmeer after the construction of the Afsluitdijk), now they are unique lakes with large populations of fish. Do you like fishing for Pike? Then the Randmeren are your place to go! Would you like to break your own record? Then too the Randmeren are the place to go.

Big pike from the Randmeren

You want big pike?

These lakes are swarming with pikes of over 1 metre in length, not to mention the number of trophy pikes of over 130 cm. It’s all possible here. Various fishing guides in the region are ready to take you on a fishing trip on these lakes, hunting for large pikes.

Deadbait fishing

Try casting with artificial bait, trolling, or fly-fishing with a streamer. Moreover, don’t forget the many large perch, zanders and breams in the Randmeren. Many angler experienced his greatest fishing adventure here.

Sunset on a calm lake
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