Perch in Holland

The Netherlands is the Perch fishing country par excellence. Nowhere in Europe, even nowhere in the world will you find such a fantastic perch stock – from small specimens to very large ones!

A nice river perch

Specimen perch

On the Dutch rivers (in summer) and the adjacent connected lakes (wintertime), days of catching several specimens of over 50 cm – fish of about, and even over, 3 kilos! – are a real possibility! And all these waters are open for fishing with your VISpas. These beautiful striped fish can be caught fishing from the water’s edge – so you won’t need a boat or a fishing guide.

Underwater picture of a big perch


This kind of active fishing, with light artificial bait such as plugs, shads or rattle bait, is the way to go here. For those among us who like to angle somewhat closer to the shoreline, the canals and harbours in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are the place to be – you can catch plenty of middle-size perch (up to about 45cm) there.

In the Netherlands there is however a close season for using artificial bait, which is from 1 April up to the last Saturday of May. The minimum size of perch in the Netherlands: 22 cm.

Streetfishing is very popular

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