Pike in Holland

Regardless of where in the Netherlands you go fishing: there is a big chance that a pike will strike your lure in no-time. Pikes are swimming around virtually everywhere in the Netherlands: from the canals in the city to the polders and from the major rivers to the vast lakes and wetlands.

Huge pike

Thanks to the excellent water quality in the Netherlands, you may expect specimen fish of over a metre in length even in the smallest ditches. Not to mention the monster pikes of over 1.20 metres that live in the larger bodies of water. Nowhere in Europe will you have such an excellent chance of breaking your own pike record as in the Netherlands.

A nice pike caught in the city

If you take to the polders, you can wander along the ditches and canals endlessly, throwing in your bait here and there, without ever meeting another pike fisher: there are so many ditches, you could go on fishing for all your life and still find new spots. The Netherlands has a close season for using artificial bait that runs from 1 April up to the last Saturday of May. Using live bait has been strictly prohibited since 1996 – the fine for this is substantial, so don’t push your luck! In the Netherlands we always release the pikes we catch.

Pike between a school of baitfish

Anything will do

Indeed, that’s why pikes in the Netherlands – more so than in any other country in the world – can grow up to such impressive sizes. Artificial bait, dead bait, streamers: anything will do. Days without catching a pike are exceptions in the Netherlands. Would you like to catch a few of these trophy pikes? The Netherlands is your place to go!

Pike caught on a swimbait
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