Streetfishing in Holland

Street fishing is HOT and the Netherlands is the absolute hotspot! Many of our cities – especially major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Groningen – have formed the stage for national and international street fishing matches for years, such as the Gunki Iron Tournament (Rotterdam), and for good reason! There’s a perch or zander lurking beneath virtually every bridge over the canals in our cities. 

Nice perch caught in the middle of Rotterdam

Many structures

The many structures underwater – from posts to jetties and from bikes to shopping carts – offer perfect hiding places for the predatory fish in our waters and that’s reflected in the great stocks of these fish.

Streetfishing in Utrecht

Ultralight streetfishing 

Many of the canals have no, or little, current, which facilitates ultralight street fishing. Rigs with small drop shot shads and a light sinker or subtle shads with a jighead of 5 grams often suffice to catch beautiful predatory fish. 

Small softbaits are used a lot when streetfishing

Urban fishing adventure

Venture out on the streets in the Netherlands and experience your own ‘urban’ fishing adventure! Whether its in the Amsterdam ‘red light district’ or with the Rotterdam skyline in the background. You can do it everywhere, from the medieval city centre of Utrecht to right in between the governmental buildings in The Hague. 

Big streetfishing event

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