Fishing the river Vecht (Overijssel)

The Overijsselse Vecht is the blue artery of the famous Vecht valley in the province of Overijssel. This small river is meandering from the German border through various picturesque villages up to the place it confluences with the river Zwarte Water near Zwolle. Tucked away in the beautiful woody surroundings, the shores of the Vecht are the ideal spot to unwind. You might do so from one of the camping sites that are situated right on the river banks. Fishing from the camping site!


But of course you can also choose to actively explore the river and find the best remote fishing spots. The Vecht has it all: those fishing for bream, roach, rudd and ides can indulge in catching large specimens.

Feeder fishing in the river Vecht


Those angling for predatory fish can go after specimen pikes, perch, zanders and asps. Especially the churning waters directly beneath the various weirs in the Vecht hold great promise for those trying to catch predatory fish. Do however observe the local rules: you are supposed to keep a certain distance from the weirs and of course it is forbidden to fish in the fish ladder. Are you more interested in carp fishing? No problem! The Vecht harbours a large stock of carp up to specimens weighing 30 pounds.

Fishing from one of many campings


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