Fishing guides in Holland

Dozens of professional fishing guides are active in the Netherlands, both on fresh and salt fishing waters, often using their own boat. And their numbers are increasing on account of the growing sports fishing tourism sector in the Netherlands! We therefore give you a list of professional fishing guides who gladly help making your fishing trip into a success. A fishing guide will take you to the best fishing spots. He will explain the best fishing techniques so you’re guaranteed of a great catch.

A seabass fishing guide

Fishing guides for predatory fish

Especially for those angling for predatory fish there is a large offer of fishing guides. Most guides have a well-equipped, state of the art fishing boat and will also arrange all the necessary tackle and even catering if needed. You could even come to the Netherlands without bringing any of your tackle if you go on a fishing trip with one of these guides.

A lot of fishing guides lead you to curved rods

Vertical jigging for perch and zander is currently very popular – various guides will gladly take you to the rivers, lakes, canals or the major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Would you rather chase that trophy pike, asp or even that seabass? That’s possible too! Check out our complete list of fishing guides and book your fishing trip. Because a day’s fishing trip with a fishing guide is a guarantee for a great fishing adventure!
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