Fly fishing in Holland

You might not have suspected it, but the Netherlands is also a perfect destination for fly fishers! We might not have mountains and creeks full of wild trout, but our unique alternatives totally make up for that! Starting with the polders: take your streamer here to chase some pikes. Because the ditches in the polders are usually not that wide, you can easily reach every hotspot in them in terms of casting distance. If the water is clear, choose a natural-coloured streamer; if the water is more coloured you might want to try bright colours such as yellow, orange and red. 

Pike on the fly

Rudd and carp

You can also go after rudd using either dry or wet flies such as the nymph. You can even fish for carp here! First find the carp and then accurately target them with your fly. No doubt you’re in for a spectacle! 

Nice rudd caught on the fly 


Or bring your belly boat and a few streamers and chase the specimen perch in the lakes near our rivers or the Benedenrivierengebied. Once again, we’re pretty sure you’re in for an adventure!

Our major rivers also offer countless opportunities. For instance, beneath the surface the small groynes are surrounded with lots of asp and ide. And the persistent fly angler may even hook some seabass along the coastline. More and more anglers are giving this a try, mostly using synthetic streamers of 8 to 10 cm long that imitate small bait fish. You may even catch a sea trout this way, because they too patrol our coast and the estuary of the Nieuwe Waterweg.

Fly fishing for seabass

Oostvoornse Meer

And then there is of course the unique Oostvoornse Meer, situated directly below the Rotterdam port area. This colossal lake is a dammed sea inlet that is still salty. That’s why the trout - lots of rainbow trout, brown trout and char are being released here every year – thrives well in this lake. They can grow to record sizes thanks to the large amounts of shrimp. This brings with it the occasional specimen fish of over 70cm! The Oostvoornse Meer is unique for fishing trout, you can catch a lot of them, wading through the water, using your belly boat or a kayak. You certainly won’t be the first one, many a German of Belgian angler has had the same idea before you!

Fly fishing on the Oostvoornse Meer

In the end it comes down to the fact that pretty much every species of fish in the Netherlands – both fresh water and salt water fish – can be caught with a fly. This also includes the less obvious species such as the flounder (Oostvoornse Meer) and zander.

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