Sea fishing from a boat

Feel like catching a breath of fresh air? Than board one of the cutters or the smaller charter ships that will take you on a fishing trip along the Dutch coastline! They gladly take you and your friends to the best spots in the North Sea. The choice is yours.  

Some charter boats waiting to enter the sea

Winter fishing

For instance, in winter the catch of dab and whiting are good in the Westerschelde. In winter you can also go on a wreck trip on the open sea in the North Sea. During these trips the boat will float over the wreck and you can catch cod using for instance a pirk or a paternoster with lugworms.

Cod caught from a boat

Summer fishing

In summer you may also stand out to sea to catch some sole – often in the evening, just before the coastline, when the water is still. Or you can venture out to sea somewhat further from the coast to catch mackerel. The skipper will find the shoals of mackerel using sonar, after which you can throw in your paternoster and reel in large quantities of mackerel. It’s a lot of fun and everyone’s guaranteed of success.

Ragworms are good bait for sea fishing 

Shark trips

Lastly there are also more exclusive fishing trips such as special shark trips at the Zeeland coast. There are various small charter ships that specialise in bottom fishing for smoothhound. You’ll fish up-tide using mostly ragworms for bait. Be prepared to find the occasional stingray, horse mackerel (scad), tub gurnard, dogfish, sea carp or even a occasional tope hitting on your bait!

Smoothhound shark caught from a boat 

Read this feature (pdf) about our Sharkatag smoothound tagging program written by Dave Lewis in Sea Angler. 

The skipper knows best, so don’t hesitate to ask the skipper for tips! He will gladly get you going on a good day’s fishing trip at sea!

Sea fishing on a cold winter day
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