Fishing the Nether Rhine and Lek river

Another large river in the Netherlands is the Nether Rhine-Lek. This river starts near Arnhem and then runs downstream almost all the way to Rotterdam. The river can be roughly divided into three parts, because of its weirs near Driel, Maurik and Hagestein. Each of these stretches of river has its own character, although they all have one thing in common: a unique stock of huge perch. Specimens of 50 cm and over are all but unique, and with the right approach you’re guaranteed to set your next record here.

Great nature along the river

Big perch

To catch one of these in the summer, you’ll have to go fishing in the river itself, fishing actively along the boulders around the groynes. In the winter the larger perch dwell in the somewhat deeper side ponds of the river.

Fishing from a crib

More to offer

In addition to perch, the Nether Rhine and the Lek are also known to be a number one fishing spot for zanders, colossal ides, an abundance of large river pikes and as of lately the carp stock has grown to a considerable size. Also those fishing for bream, roach etc. don’t have to concern themselves. Together the Nether Rhine and the Lek are about 110 km long.

Big river perch
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