Fishing in the river IJssel

The Gelderse Ijssel is one of the largest rivers in the Netherlands and as such it is a great fishing spot. This river – which is open for fishing with the VISpas almost in its entirety – is known for its large stocks of predatory fish, barbel, its great river carps and catfish fishing, which is growing in popularity. The river is also great when you’re angling for bream, ide and roach.

Feeder fishing in the IJssel

Countless groyne

The IJssel is characterised by its countless groynes – usually the ideal place for the sport angler. Standing on a groyne, you’ll have the opportunity to throw your bait right in the middle of the current (barbel, catfish) or to fish in the groyne fields. Moreover, in case of high water during springtime, the river forelands flood completely. These flooded grasslands offer the unique possibility to fish for ide and carps: fishing in flooded grassland!

Fishing in a flooded floodplain

Endless fishing shores

The IJssel originates at Arnhem and runs all the way to Kampen, passing many beautiful towns like Deventer and Zutphen. The Ijssel is some 125 km long, which makes for 250 kilometres of fishing shores! It goes without saying that you’ll find your golden fishing spot for sure!

Big ship in de IJssel
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