Coarse angling in Holland

Coarse fish or silverfish include species like small carp, roach, rudd, tench, ide, bream and the white bream. 

By definition the Netherlands is a great destination when you’re a coarse angler, even in the middle of winter. Think of the many yacht harbours that line our major lakes. That’s where the common roach resides in wintertime, which is a guarantee for a true roach spectacle.

Every season

But of course it’s much more fun angling when the weather’s nice. In springtime, in summer and in the fall the possibilities for fishing for coarse fish (silver fish) are endless. Don't forget to bring your pole. You’ll also catch plenty of bream, ide and roach using your feeder rod on larger waters, such as rivers and canals. Just adjust the weight of your feeder to the current and off you go! Set up a small foraging spot using a few well-filled feeders, put your line behind the line clip and you’re basically guaranteed of success. Enhance your feeding spot with some loose pieces of bait – such as maggots, casters, corn and cut-up worms or hemp – in order to keep the fish busy. You can get fresh bait at any of the numerous angling shops in the Netherlands. 

Roach is a very common fish in the Netherlands

Still water

In still water – lakes, polders and canals in the city – the specific technique you’re using is less relevant. You might choose fishing with a normal float rod, a match rod or method feeding techniques. The latter is especially effective in still waters. You can’t go wrong using a bolt rig and a mini boilie or a pellet on a hair rig. Moreover, using the method feeder, you also have a good chance of catching tench and small carp. You’re basically fishing for the larger targets.

Coarse angling using the method feeder

International reputation

The canal that runs through Voorne, near Hellevoetsluis is a good example of a hotspot that has been attracting English anglers for ages on account of its excellent bream stocks. The Lage Vaart in the Flevopolder also enjoys an excellent international reputation for being a great coarse fishing venue.

A good groundbait is important

Not to mention that the Netherlands is dotted with this kind of hotspots that will put a smile on the face of any coarse angler. There are even camping sites on the shores of some of these waters, such as the Overijsselse Vecht. Utter relaxation! 
In the Netherlands ‘catch & release’ is the standard when it comes to coarse angling.

Two big rudd

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