Fishing in Zeeland

Thanks to the construction of the world-famous Deltawerken, Zeeland currently is a fantastic varied area for sea anglers, with saltwater not only along the coast, but also more land-inward, with the Oosterschelde, Westerschelde and the Grevelingen.Zeeland is unique. In earlier times, this patch of land was constantly under threat of flooding by the sea and it was frequently struck by large-scale floods. 

Seabass fishing in Zeeland

Fishing both from the beaches and from the dikes, as well as from an fishing boat, you can catch a wide variety of sea fish here. From all kinds of flatfish to garfish and from seabass to North Sea sharks: Zeeland has it all.

Fishing from a charter boat

Fishing on your holiday

This coastal province has been the go-to holiday destination for many Belgians and German for years, and why leave your rods at home if you’re a fishing enthusiast going on a holiday? Book a stay at one of the many camping sites and holiday parks that are often literally within walking distance from the sea and enjoy the riches that this angling province can offer you!

Beach fishing in Zeeland
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