Fishing in the Rotterdam seaport area

Never caught a seabass before? Then it’s high time you come to Rotterdam! This world-class port is famous for being a great seabass angling spot, with its many large specimens swimming around in the crystal-clear water of the ports, with plenty of food.

Big seabass caught from shore

This is the spot to experience a fight with the angler’s strongest opponent in the Netherlands, with the largest container ships, tankers and cruise ships passing by in the background. But there is more, because this area is a great fishing spot 12 months a year.

Seabass hooked up

All season

In summer these waters are swarming with twaite shad, mullet and common sole, whereas in the winter months, you’ll have excellent catches fishing for young cod, whiting, pouting or other sea fish. There’s always a nice spot out of the wind in this area, and you can park close to the water virtually everywhere.

Lure fishing from shore
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