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2024 fine amounts

2024 fine amounts

Prosecution Service has announced the fine amounts for 2024. The amounts relating to inland fishing, which includes anglers, are almost the same as last year. However, the penalty fees are not cheap, so make sure you avoid a fine when you’re fishing.

As an angler, it’s absolutely vital that you have permission to fish somewhere. In most cases, this is the VISpas. Together with the Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse Viswateren (Combined List of Fishing Waters in the Netherlands), you can then show an inspector that you’re permitted to fish in certain waters.

So pop your VISpas in your wallet or fishing bag and download the free VISplanner app on your smartphone. Then you’ll always be okay, as long as you check beforehand whether the water where you want to fish is included in your fishing documents (in addition to the Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse Viswateren, angling associations also issue their own fishing water lists). 

Make sure you’re well prepared before you set off and that you adhere to legislation and regulations. If you do this, you can avoid the following fines: 

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