Fishing in the rivers Rhine–Meuse–Scheldtriver delta

The Rhine-Meuse delta is a unique angling area. It is the estuary and confluence of the Rhine, the Waal and the Maas, and because these rivers come together here, there are huge bodies of water in this area, such as the Haringvliet, Volkerak and Hollands Diep. Anglers from far and wide come to these places on account of their large stocks of perch and pikes, the substantial chance of catching a monster pike and the numerous carps, roach and breams.

Carp caught in the river delta

Outstretched waters

It’s a unique experience to engage in a play with powerful fish in an outstretched body of water like that, requiring only one permit: the VISpas. Having trouble picking a spot? Then book one of the many fishing guides who are active in this area. They will be happy to take you to the best fishing spots. By the way, don’t be surprised to spot a swimming beaver, a drinking deer or an osprey on your way there!

Fly fishing from a belly boat

The Rhine-Meuse delta is the largest and most impressive nature reserve of the Netherlands and therefore has a protected status. Angling in the wilderness of the Helinium: what more could you possibly wish for!

Wade fishing for whitefish
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