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Fishing in Holland-map: Accommodations and fishing guides

Fishing in Holland-map: Accommodations and fishing guides

If you’re planning on angling in the Netherlands, then you probably want to stay as close to the water as possible so you don’t have to travel too far to your fishing spot. In addition, a fishing guide can help you catch the necessary beautiful fish in a limited time. The Fishing in Holland map gives you a handy overview.

40 accommodations for anglers

The map shows around 40 accommodations spread across the country, varying from small, cosy B&Bs to campgrounds and large recreation parks where you can book a house with the entire family or set up a tent or caravan right next to the water. There are accommodations all over the Netherlands, so you can always find a place to stay in every fishing region. The VISpas is valid almost everywhere, but in some places you’ll need a permit from the accommodations themselves – for example in order to fish on the premises. These accommodations can tell you all you need to know before you book a stay, but you can also check yourself via the VISplanner app or browser version.

Need a fishing guide?

It’s particularly advisable to hire a fishing guide when you’re fishing in big bodies of water, for instance for large perch, zander or pike. The guide can take you straight to the best waters and locations. In big bodies of water that often means locations that are difficult or even impossible to reach from the shore. But these locations are reachable for fishing guides, who will have a properly equipped fishing boat at their disposal. Want to find out more about the fishing guides active in the Netherlands? Click here to view the map.

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