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When will I receive my VISpas?

The following applies to existing members:
If you pay prior to 5 December, you will receive the VISpas before 1 January. If you pay by direct debit, you will receive the new VISpas for the next calendar year as early as mid-December.

Sportvisserij Nederland assists many clubs in dealing with their membership records and sends the VISpas three weeks after payment. Following payment, temporary proof of membership will be ready for you at Mijnsportvisserij.

A limited number of fishing clubs issue the VISpas to their members themselves. Sportvisserij Nederland delivers the VISpasses to them in late November, and it is up to them to decide when they issue the VISpasses to their members. Some do this on their regular members’ evenings, while others send them by post.

In mid-November, anglers who are not a member of a fishing club will receive a giro form from Sportvisserij Nederland to pay for the Kleine VISpas (Limited VISpas). If they pay in good time, they will receive their Kleine VISpas prior to 1 January of the new year.

The following applies to new members:
Members who have recently ordered the VISpas online or in the shop and have received a Voorlopig Bewijs van Lidmaatschap (VBL; temporary proof of membership) for this purpose, can view the status of their order via ‘status aanvraag’ (status of your request).

A VBL is valid for one month and provides immediate permission to go fishing. You will generally receive the final VISpas within three weeks. Note: if you have ordered the VISpas online, you will automatically receive a VBL by e-mail. This may have ended up in your ‘Junk E-mail’ folder.

If you have not received the VISpas within three weeks, please send an e-mail with your question, name and address details and VBL number to

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