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Can I fish during the night or using three rods everywhere I want?

The Night Fishing Permit and Third Rod Permit are valid for the entire calendar year and are strictly personal. If, as a VISpas holder, you have more than one VISpasses, you only need to purchase the permit/permits once. Symbols in the Joint List of Dutch fishing waters and the VISplanner indicate where both permits are valid. This means that the Night Fishing Permit does not provide permission to fish everywhere during the night.

Night fishing is permitted in all waters with the moon symbol in the Joint List of Dutch fishing waters and the VISplanner. ‘Night fishing’ is taken to mean: fishing between two hours after sunset and one hour before sunrise. Deviating rules may apply in nature reserves!

In the Joint List of Dutch fishing waters the symbol indicates whether a third rod is permitted for fishing. If you have the VISpas and Third Rod Permit and you see the 3 symbol, you are permitted to fish in this water using a third rod.
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