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I have lost my permit, what can I do?

Request a duplicate of your VISpas at Note: €3.50 is charged if you order a duplicate of a document. So if you also have a Night Fishing Permit, €7.00 will be charged: €3.50 for the duplicate of the VISpas and (€3.50) for the duplicate of the Night Fishing Permit.
Apply for your duplicate as follows:
  1. Go to
  2. Register or log in.
  3. Select ‘VISpassen’ in the menu (start by linking your VISpasses to your account if required).
  4. Under ‘Actions’ select ‘Duplicaat aanvragen’ (Request Duplicate) for the document for which you wish to receive a duplicate.
  5. Enter a comment if required and click on ‘Submit’.
If this fails, a duplicate can be requested by e-mail. Please send your request with your name, address and date of birth to Note: a request by e-mail may take somewhat longer than a request via 

Following your request you will receive a duplicate of your VISpas, including the invoice, within five working days. If, according to our membership records, you have not yet paid, we can refer you to your club to request a duplicate from them. They can arrange this for you.
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