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What document do children require?

Children under the age of 14, reference date 1 January, are permitted to fish without a document, provided that they are accompanied by an adult who has the proper document. In this case, children are permitted to fish with one rod under the same conditions as their supervisor.

If a child goes fishing on their own, they require a youth permit or the club’s JeugdVISpas, which means that they will become a member of a fishing club. If you are fishing with one rod and designated types of bait (not predatory fish), a youth permit will generally suffice. With this youth permit, fishing is permitted in club waters.

However, the JeugdVISpas gives permission to fish almost anywhere, with two rods, and also for predatory fish.

You can easily become a member of a fishing club at or at a fishing club and/or angling shop or specialist pet shop in your neighbourhood. They can be found at search for club.
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