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If I buy a JeugdVISpas later in the year, why do I have to pay for the entire year?

Membership of the JeugdVISpas is valid for one calendar year, so membership runs from 1 January to 31 December of any year. The year is shown in at the top right of the JeugdVISpas.

However, practice has demonstrated that groups do not go fishing until around June, when temperatures go up. These people decide to go fishing later in the year, instead of spending time by the waterside all year through. Some anglers only fish in autumn because of the predatory fishing season. In addition there are tourists who make use of the JeugdVISpas for a week or so. They pay the same contribution, but fish over fewer months compared to other anglers. We do not consider the frequency of fishing, and people who fish once only pay the same amount as members who fish on a daily basis.

It is more difficult to issue JeugdVISpasses that are valid as per the payment date, in which case most anglers receive a JeugdVISpas 2019, while the other quarter will receive a JeugdVISpas 2019/2020 that is valid until 1-6-2020 and the other one until 1-9-2020, for example. This considerably increases the risk of errors and will cause the price of the JeugdVISpas to go up.

Most clubs send invoices to their members in November/December, after which the JeugdVISpas can be paid and the document is received prior to 1 January. Members can thus enjoy fishing throughout the year and at limited costs.
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