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Can Sportvisserij Nederland transfer my membership to another fishing club?

The JeugdVISpas is proof of membership of a fishing club. Each club has its own rules for entering into and resigning membership. In addition, they apply their own contribution rates, which prevents Sportvisserij Nederland from directly transferring your membership to another club. The only way to switch is by resigning your membership of one club and becoming a member of another.

This means that for the current year you will remain a member of the fishing club you have selected. If you terminate your membership prior to 1 October, your membership ends on 31 December.

However, the board of your fishing club may decide to refund the money if, for example, you have accidentally registered with the wrong club. Sportvisserij Nederland will always try to help you in cases like these by not passing the JeugdVISpas on to the club in question, provided that the JeugdVISpas in question is returned to Sportvisserij Nederland. A fishing club can refund the payment without any financial consequences.

The decision on whether or not to refund the contribution always lies with the board of the fishing club, and Sportvisserij Nederland has no say in this.

Please refer to the address finder for a club’s contact information.

Go to to resign your membership.

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