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How do I cancel the JeugdVISpas?

Go to to indicate that you wish to resign your membership (the JeugdVISpas). The JeugdVISpas is the proof of membership of the club, which is printed on the front of the JeugdVISpas.

Please note that the JeugdVISpas is valid for the current calendar year. Cancelling the JeugdVISpas for the next calendar year must take place prior to 1 October of the current year.

You can cancel as follows:

1.Go to
2.Register or log in.
3.Select ‘VISpassen’ from the menu (start by linking your VISpasses to your account if required).
4.Under ‘Acties’ (Actions), select ‘Opzeggen’ (Cancel) for the document you wish to cancel.
5.Enter a reason and click on ‘Opzeggen’.

After completing the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail and the cancellation will be processed.
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