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I am a member of more than one club. Can I get a refund?

Note: this does not apply to the JeugdVISpas. 

You will receive the VISpas from every club you are a member of, because the VISpas is proof of membership of those clubs. You only have to pay the national contribution for one of these clubs, so it is much less expensive if you are a member of various clubs.
The contribution to the national organisation amounts to €15.00. If you become a member of a second club, you only have to pay an administration fee of €3.50. 

Go to to immediately buy the extra VISpas, provided the VISpas has been paid for.
You can request the amount you paid extra to be refunded at; double payment. After completing the form and going through the three steps, the excess amount will be refunded into your account.
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