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I would still like to receive the paper list. How can I go about this?

The Joint List of Dutch fishing waters is updated every three years. However, the new edition (2019 - 2020 - 2021) is no longer a standard supplement of the VISpas for environmental and financial reasons.

Over the past two years, anglers have been provided with the option to indicate whether they wish to use and/or the VISplanner app or a physical list for angling. After all, not everyone has a smartphone.

It is no longer required to carry the paper version of the Joint List of Dutch fishing waters, because the VISplanner app is also legally valid and always up-to-date. Over 80% of the anglers already use it and will not miss the paper version.

If you prefer to bring the paper version with you when fishing and it is not included in VISpas, Sportvisserij Nederland provides the option of picking up a free copy at a VISpas point of sale or ordering it via our webshop.
A paper copy will remain available.
Please indicate if you would like to receive the booklet at
Indicate at if you would like to continue receiving the paper list. 

1.Go to
2.Register or log in.
3.Select ‘Viswaterlijst’ (Fish water list) from the menu (start by linking your VISpasses to your account under ‘VISpassen’ if required)
4.If necessary, move the slider to ‘Papier’ (Paper) and click on ‘Wijzigingen opslaan’ (Save changes).
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