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Why is it not possible to fish anywhere you like?

Every person in the Netherlands requires written permission from the entity that holds the fishing rights. This usually takes the form of the VISpas combined with the national list of fishing waters. Many entities that hold fishing rights are present in the Netherlands; many of them who have added the fishing water to the national and/or federal list of fishing waters. This means that everyone is permitted to fish in these fishing waters.

Go to to view all of the fishing waters that have been shared.

By devoting plenty of attention to sharing the water in the national list, Sportvisserij Nederland is trying to realise one single VISpas for everyone. Unfortunately, there are still clubs/private persons that are not interested in this. Some clubs reserve their club waters for their own members, instead of the general public. We try to prevent this as much as possible, but we do not succeed in each case, which may mean that anglers require various VISpasses.

Anglers can raise this during the general meeting to encourage clubs to share the fishing water, so that we can eventually come at one single VISpas. In view of the additions in recent years, this means that an increasing number of waters becomes available for anglers.

Should you nevertheless require two memberships, you can get a refund of any double payment at The national contribution is thus required only once and fishing is cheaper in the case of several clubs.
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