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What document do I need?

The VISpas is the proof of membership of a club. You will receive lists of fishing waters where you are permitted to fish. You must be a member of a club in order to obtain the VISpas. If you are not yet a member of a club, you can buy the VISpas next year at the fishing club and/or angling shop in your vicinity. 
If you are under 14 on 1 January, you can fish using the JeugdVISpas or youth permit. In addition, you do not need a document if you are fishing with one rod under the supervision of an adult who has a valid written permit. 
If you fish in a limited number of waters (mainly large rivers and shipping canals) using a single rod and designated types of bait, the Kleine VISpas will suffice. It is available for €14.00. In late November, Kleine VISpas holders will receive a letter from Sportvisserij Nederland concerning the Kleine VISpas. As before, anglers can apply for the Kleine VISpas via the Internet. Sportvisserij Nederland will issue additional information. 
Establish the document you will need at VISpas check.
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