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Are there any day permits?

The Fisheries Act states that fishing in the Netherlands requires written permission from the entity that holds the fishing rights. Generally, this permission takes the form of the VISpas combined with the list of fishing waters. 
VISpas holders are permitted to take three anglers with them to enjoy a fishing day trip three times a year. 

It has, however, been proven impossible to purchase the VISpas for each individual of a group of inexperienced anglers attending a fishing day trip. A legal exception has thus been made: the day/week permit. 
Affiliated fishing clubs can issue a day/week permit for anglers in their own waters. Anglers can use this written permit from the club to go fishing in club waters and according to the permit conditions established by them. In these cases, anglers do not require a Kleine VISpas or VISpas. 
Not all clubs issue a day permit, so contact your local fishing club to for more information about day permits.
You can find the local fishing club at the Address finder.
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