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For Whom is the VISpas intended?

In most cases, anglers require the VISpas if they want to go fishing in the Netherlands. The VISpas is automatically provided after you become a member of a fishing club associated with one of the Sportvisserij Nederland fishing federations. This allows you to fish with a maximum of two rods and all permitted types of bait in the waters that are shared through the Gezamenlijke Lijst van Nederlandse VISwateren (Joint List of Dutch fishing waters), or that are listed on the free VISplanner. In addition to, this is where you will find all the waters that the clubs, federations and Sportvisserij Nederland have shared with each other.

Do the VISpas check to establish the card you will need.

In some cases, additional restrictions have been included, such as the prohibition against using certain types of bait during a certain period of time, or the requirement for a permit in relation to the right of way. If this is the case, this is indicated on or the separate lists of fishing waters.

A closed time applies for certain fish species. If you catch one of these fish during this period, you are obliged to handle it with the utmost care and immediately return it to the water it came from, alive and unharmed.

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