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Does the VISpas provide permission to go fishing anywhere I want?

No, unfortunately you are not permitted to fish anywhere you want, but you can fish in all of the waters included in the various Lists of fishing waters issued as part of the VISpas: the Joint List of Dutch fishing waters and possibly a club list of fishing waters. Today this includes over 90% of Dutch waters. These waters are marked in dark blue on the VISplanner ( and the free VISplanner app.

Fishing clubs and federations hire fishing rights under lease agreements with municipalities, district water boards and the Department of Waterways and Public Works. In addition to their own members, VISpas holders who are members of another club would also like to be able to fish in these waters. This is possible if the entity that holds the fishing rights concerned has shared the water in the Joint List of Dutch fishing waters – and thus in the VISpas.

Fishing with one VISpas throughout the Netherlands is one of the main questions of our members and a spearhead in our policy. Today fishing in over 90% of the waters in the Netherlands is permitted with a VISpas of any club, and new waters are added on a monthly basis. 

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